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Modafinil is a drug sold under different names such as Modavigil, Alertec or Provigil. It is used to treat narcolepsy, excessive sleepiness or shift work sleep disorder. It is often prescribed to apnea patients who have irregular sleep cycles. Modafinil is a drug that increases alertness and vigilance.
How does Modafinil work? Scientists do not fully understand how this drug affects the human brain. It is probable that Modafinil affects the brain in more than one way. Scientists have studied the effects of Modafinil and found that the drug can inhibit the transport of dopamine.
Dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter in the human brain. Dopamine has a stimulating effect on the brain. It is connected to the sensation of happiness and can improve motivation. By inhibiting the transport of dopamine, Modafinil causes higher concentration of dopamine in the synapses.
Higher levels of dopamine increases one’s ability to stay alert and to focus on tasks. It can also increase happiness levels as well as motivation. The action of Modafinil on dopamine levels make this drug a possible treatment option for conditions such as ADHD or depression.
Scientists also believe that Modafinil inhibits the presence of free radicals. The effect of free radicals on the human body is not fully understood but it is believed that some free radicals could induce sleep and damage other cells. Reducing the amount of free radicals present in one’s system could help increase alertness since the free radicals can no longer induce sleep.
It is also believed that higher dopamine levels increase the number of active connection between neurons. This leads to an increased gamma band activity. A higher gamma band activity in the brain means that cognitive and memory functions are boosted. Besides being more alert, a patient who took Modafinil would be able to easily recall things and store new information thanks to increased gamma band activity.


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Modafinil can cause a number of side effects since it alerts brain chemistry. It is possible to experience sleepiness once the drug wears off, dizziness, headaches, anxiety and nervousness. Other symptoms include an upset stomach, diarrhea, back pain or a stuffy nose. It is possible to have a severe reaction to this drug. Severe reactions are characterized by skin rashes, swelling, shortness of breath, difficulties with swallowing or breathing, fever, hives or sores and blistering skin.
It is very important to respect the recommended dosages when taking Modafinil. This drug alters brain chemistry and can become toxic if large quantities are taken over a short period of time. Dosage should be reduced if any unpleasant side effects appear. Dermatological reactions such as skin rashes are more likely to occur if high quantities of Modafinil are taken. The average dosage is 200mg a day and taking more could be dangerous.
It is possible to become dependent on Modafinil due to the effect the drug has on how dopamine is distributed in the brain. The dependence is not physical but some patients experience serious withdrawal symptoms caused by lower dopamine levels once the drug wears off. Some individuals rely on Modafinil to perform better at school or at work and find themselves unable to focus on anything when they do not take this drug. It is important to turn to a healthcare professional as soon as the first signs of dependency appear so that another treatment option can be used.

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Modafinil has helped sleep apnea and narcolepsy patients as well as people with ADHD or depression. However, the drug is also used by individuals who wish to boost their cognitive functions to perform better at work or at school. There have been cases of traders relying on this drug to stay alert and focused during long hours. Scientists are still studying this drug and its effects on the human brain to fully understand how it affects alertness and other cognitive functions.

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You should talk to your doctor about Modafinil if you suffer from a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy or excessive sleepiness during the day. Modafinil can help you live a normal life by reducing sleepiness and boosting cognitive function. However, you should not rely on this drug to boost your focus, memory and alertness in an effort to do better at work or school.