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Finpecia 1 mg is a finasteride product. You can buy Finpecia online today from worldpharmacares.

Introduction – Finasteride1 mg

Apart from hair loss treatment Finpecia is a treatment drug for benign prostatic hypertrophy or enlargement of the prostate. This drug is not to be considered as a cure for such condition. Rather, it is treated as a drug to alleviate said condition’s symptoms, like difficulty urination, acute urinary retention and frequent urination.

When you buy finasteride online and take it as recommended, you may no longer need to undergo prostate surgery to reduce the size of this organ as the enlargement has subsided.

How it works

Finpecia 1mg works by blocking production of a male hormone. It is the same hormone that causes prostate enlargement.

As it blocks said hormone, it stops growing of prostate gland. The blocking process also treats male pattern hair loss as this drug can be effective in stopping the production of male hormone in the scalp that stops the hair from growing.

Finasteride must only be taken by mouth. It is taken once a day or as prescribed by your doctor. You may take it with or without food. However, if you experience stomach discomfort after taking it, you may consider having it with food to ease the discomfort.

Although this drug is an effective treatment for BPH and male pattern hair loss, you must avoid taking it more than what has been recommended by your physician.

You must follow the prescription or directions found on the drug’s label. If you do not understand some parts of it, you should ask your doctor or a pharmacist.

When it comes to results, this drug is not a cure for BPH. For your symptoms to improve, you need to take it once a day and you will see improvements on your symptoms at least 6 months after.

You must continue taking it even if you are already feeling well. Do not stop using it without first consulting your prescribing physician.


It is mainly used as a treatment for male pattern hair loss.

As long as you take it as prescribed, you can take advantage of its benefits sooner, rather than later.


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