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What is Fertomid 50mg?

Fertomid 50mg is a brand of tablet which contains clomiphene. These tablets are used to encourage ovulation in women who are suffering from fertility problems that are related to hormonal imbalances.

Clomiphene works by modulating the body’s estrogen receptors, which means that it can help to trigger ovulation in women who are struggling to get pregnant. This means that the ovaries will then release an egg, and through hormonal testing doctors can tell the woman the time of the month during which they are most fertile.

The drug binds to the body’s oestrogen receptor which is located in the hypothalamus. This will then prevent the negative feedback from oestrogen. If the body thinks that is has a low oestrogen level, then the hypothalamus will begin producing gonadotrophins, and these will then in turn trigger the release of something called follicle stimulating hormone, as well as luteinizing hormone. These hormones are the ones that control ovulation – they cause the growth of egg follicles. When an egg follicle reaches a specific size, it will rupture, releasing the egg. This is the point that is considered ovulation, and it will trigger the production of progesterone, which is the next hormone required in the process of conception.

How Fertomid is Taken

Fertomid is taken during the first part of the menstrual cycle – usually starting two days after the woman’s period begins. The pill is taken for five days, and then the woman’s LH levels will be monitored to determine whether the body is preparing for ovulation. The woman is encouraged to engage in regular intercourse during the week before, and the week of, expected ovulation. If tests reveal that ovulation has occurred, then there is a good chance that the woman will be able to get pregnant.

If a 50mg dose of fertomid proves to not be enough to trigger ovulation, then they can keep trying the pills on future months, increasing the dose slightly each time. Fertomid can be taken for several months in a row, although it is not usually recommended to be taken for more than six straight months.

In some cases, the doctor will recommend that hCG be given to trigger ovulation, if Fertomid alone is not working. This can be highly effective, however it can cause long-term issues if it is unsuccessful the first time and then repeated. For this reason, doctors will offer this treatment only if other treatments have proven unsuccessful.

Fertomid tablets tend not to produce significant side-effect, although some women do experience abdominal pain, bloating, flushing and blurred vision. It can also sometimes cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, insomnia, headaches, and even hair loss, although these symptoms are rare. Buy Fertomid online today.

You can buy Fertomid without a prescription from worldpharmacares but usually Fertomid is prescription only, and must be taken exactly as advised by your doctor. So we do advise that before you order Fertomid generic Clomid tablets online you first speak with a doctor. Do not repeat treatments if ovulation is not achieved, and do not double doses if you miss one. Talk to your doctor if you experience any unexpected side effects or have any other concerns about the course of treatment.


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