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Femalegra – Getting to Know Female Viagra

Femalegra – Overview

This drug is the female version of kamagra used for men. It is specifically formulated for women who want to improve their sexual pleasure. What it does is that it enhances blood flow to the vagina during sexual intercourse. It is mainly responsible for igniting sexual act allowing you to experience exciting and more wonderful sexual experience.

Femalegra 100 mg is especially useful for women who are in post-menopausal stage. This is also advised to women who undertook hysterectomy. Generally, it is given to women who are experiencing female sexual arousal disorder.

It is reported that women who are taking this drug have experienced greater sexual desire and overall sexual satisfaction. This means that they have better arousal, thereby, helping them achieve better orgasm and lubrication.

Kamagra for women – female sexual dysfunction treatment

This condition is described as the lack of orgasm or arousal. It affects 1/3 of women. Just like sexual dysfunction in men, this female sexual dysfunction is caused by a lot of factors.

The lack of sexual interest in women can be the result of illness and stress. Fatigue and depression can also be culprits of this condition.

Other symptoms of this dysfunction will include loss of sensation, vaginal dryness and low sensitivity in the genitals. In men, this type of drug increases blood flow to the penis. This is also the same thing that happens when you take this drug. It enhances blood flow to your vagina, thereby, experiencing sensation, better arousal, and/or lubrication in that area.

What benefits you can get out of using sildenafil women?

The main ingredient of this drug is sildenafil citrate. It is the same active ingredient found in kamagra. Its main advantage is to intensify your desire to have sex during foreplay. This drug is also useful in women who cannot achieve orgasm as it increases blood flow going to the vagina and enhances sensitivity to clitoris.

Apart from these benefits, it also enhances lubrication in that area, thereby, speeding up arousal and improves orgasm. Some patients did experience multiple orgasms with the help of this drug. Buy Femalegra online today.


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