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Doxycycline – Introduction

This drug is an anti-bacterial medicine that can treat bacterial infections of any type. If you have pimples or acne, your physician may prescribe it to alleviate the abscesses on your face and prevent further appearance of blemishes.

In some cases, physicians prescribe it to patients with malaria and anthrax. However, just because you have these conditions does not mean you should take this drug. To avoid complications later on, you must talk to your doctor first before you buy doxycycline online and take it to treat your bacterial infection.

How it works

As previously mentioned, this drug is an anti-bacterial medicine. It belongs to tetracycline antibiotic drugs that work by killing the bacteria-causing infection. This drug also works by preventing further growth of bacteria, resulting in their proper elimination and reduction of signs and symptoms of infection.

Despite its effectiveness, doxycycline is not to be used as a treatment for colds, flu and other infections caused by a virus. This is because this drug is considered an anti-bacterial medicine that can only help in eliminating bacteria, not virus.

What are its available dosage forms?

You can take it in its tablet form, which is the usual dosage form recommended by doctors.

Other dosage forms will include capsule, suspension and syrup.

Things you must know before using it

This drug may or may not cause side effects. The risks of experiencing them may depend on your condition. Thus, the benefits must be weighed against its risks. You and your doctor must work together to determine whether this drug is beneficial or not.

Allergies may arise as a result of taking doxycycline. You must tell your doctor if you are allergic to one of the ingredients of this drug. It is also important to discuss the other types of allergies with your doctor. This is especially true if you are allergic to dyes, certain animals and foods. You should read the label of the drug to make sure that you will not develop allergic symptoms.

Unless directed by physician, this drug should not be administered to children less than 8 years of age. This is because this drug is known to cause discoloration of the teeth. Growth of bones may also be affected in younger individuals.

This drug may interact with the other medicines you are currently taking. Thus, it is important to tell your doctor what synthetic drugs you are taking for your particular condition, besides bacterial infection.

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How to use it properly?

You must take it as recommended by your doctor. Avoid taking it in excess as it will not speed up your recovery. Instead, it will only cause you to experience severe side effects related to the use of this drug.

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